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It's about realization.

Happiness resides in everyone. And I've realized. . .

It's not about small realizations. It's not about realizing what you have and appreciating it. It's just about realizing, "Hey! I'm happpy! I love life!". And, well, it's true. :)


I. Am. So. Confused. . .

I'm happy and all. But I'm totally confused. My head feels really cloudy and heavy. And I feel like everyone wants a decision. I've always been so indecisive. Kaycee says I'm the most indecisive person she knows. You should see me when I'm shopping. I pick up and put down the same item time after time after time. It's so hard for me to just be like "This is what I'm doing. This is what needs to be done. This is me doing it. This is me sticking with it. I choose the pros and cons of this, and reject them of that. This decision is better than that one. This is what I'm doing". So I guess I have this rag-doll feeling. I know it's not what anybody wants. It's just how I somewhat feel, no offense. It's nobody's fault.

On another note, I put the "New (Director's Cut)" and "It's My Life (Director's Cut)" No Doubt music videos on my iPod. I can't wait to watch. I'm hoping they're really different and cool. Oh, and, there's a new No Doubt cd coming soon, be prepared. :]

More time doing, less time blogging of lack-there-of.


8/25 9:53;
And if they force me to, I will drown them out with music.


So, it's 2007. I've had this thing for over three years. I want to write in it more. I got a few comments recently. That was really cool, except two of them stung a bit. But, they were funny nonetheless. But, 2006 is over, so I can officially say it was last year. Anything big I don't like, hasn't happened since last year. It's a cool thought.

I do have some really, really grand things in my life.

One thing in particular is greater than anything before it, mtaae.

Another one is secretly grandy-grand. But I let her know.

I want a hug. I haven't had a hug in 07' yet.

I dissappeared like Hoodini.

Nearly 3 years.
And I still don't update regularly anymore.
Another thing to lose hope in.

Well, I <3 you people.
I haven't updated my Diaryland in awhiles. Though i haven't exactly updated this much either, correct?

I have gwen stefani tix! Can't wait! =D

People lie so well. How horrible.

I'll post again soon, tonight i'm a tad blank. sorry.
Ya'll thought i forgot about LJ, didn't you?

It's Circle Time kids!

title or description
Gwen will kick you!

title or description Gwen And Pharrel

title or description Hehehe a little picture i made. We call the TBS baby gregory

< title or description This was a joke about Nikki being in the newspaper for student of the week. She told me she was on a page with something about the pope on it, so we joked that the newspaper made her frontpageing and the pope a little article.

< title or description Yay mr.burns!

Everybody loves a good Dr.Phil spoof.

Ok i decided to delete that last entry (thanks for the comment Kathleen!)_

Anyways, today i plan on sitting around. Maybe do something w/ my friends.

Anyways, Friday i didnt go back to the beach with my mom and kari. I stayed at school. yeah, i know, i'm weird. And it turned out we did barely anything that day. ehhhh. I wore my pinstriped shorts! That night went with Alaina to help her/her mom with the "family fun night" at Alaina's old elementry school. Then we eat at Pizza Heaven. It was pretty fun.

Yesterday we went to my dads banks picnic/barbeque. Where everyone and their familys come and eat and stuff. It was fun. But the drive back was loooong. When i got back me and Kari started watching the first season of the simpsons on dvd. I eat peppEroni Hotpockets for dinner! yummmm.

I plan on making some funny pics on the computer.

ok, 'nough rambleing, bye bye everybody.